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The Last Page

As I sat with the notes in front of me, I trembled to turn the last page Knowing there was nowhere else to go, the ink would soon run it’s course The fear of forgetting the past or at worst, forgiving the path travelled to arrive at tomorrow’s yesterday; I closed my eyes As that single tear, cut a path down my war lines of wear and age, I realized the magnitude of moving forward The final chapter would be closed forever; it will be for the rest of man to open her page long after my demise I touched the ink to the page and the solemn tear dripped from my chin and I smiled, as I knew this time had arrived a long time ago It was the waiting that caused me to ache, as I wrote the final word “goodbye” and closed the page for eternity, never to wonder again Carl Meadows July 10, 2015

Poem: The Space Between Us

Sometimes in life, emotions and love sneak up on you and all of a sudden we are staring fear in the face. There are many cross roads in love, and all of a sudden we have to make heart wrenching decisions and sometimes we knew from the first kiss that love was doomed but we needed it in that moment. The Space Between Us Lying so close, I couldn’t tell whose heart was beating louder Whiskers scraping the surface, feelings dredging the depths You are my kryptonite, taking all my vulnerabilities I had left Why was the untalking so intense, was the space between us so unfamiliar, Did we want to say something but couldn’t, because emotions were foreign? Was my embrace not big enough; is my love not recognizable, am I missing some obvious signs? When I saw you the second time, a cavernous ravine opened up in front of me Did I find my Holy Grail, or a wound from my past that couldn’t heal? The stronger the love the deeper the hurt; …