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Poem: Petal


This is a Poem about friendship and letting go. Sometimes we have Friendships that last a lifetime and some are there for just a moment or two. Its about learning to live and enjoy the moments. Here is a poem that speaks to wanting to feel like we belong, yet knowing fate has its own course to take.


The glistening sun on your vibrant cluster of beauty

made your petals seem like forever

The fragrance, the colour, the magnificence

The wind seemed unrelenting in its force

When the storm had passed, I saw half of what was, remaining

Scrambling to pick up the petals, I knew it was only time

As I held you in my hands, I knew I had no moisture to save you

The salt from my body would burn your tender skin

No antidotes left

Your edges started to turn inward, and I knew then, you needed to go

I closed my eyes and remembered what was so beautiful and complete

And I needed to let you go where there is moisture to replenish your remaining time

I cupped my hand, laid you gently in the pond and walked away with a heavy heart

Your beauty and fragrance will be forged in my soul for eternity

The place where your petals will last forever

Carl Meadows

September 10, 2014

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I was born June 13, 1967. I was raised in the town of Port Coquitlam, BC within metro Vancouver. I was a non-conventional boy winning awards for choreography, dance, and led many school performance numbers before grade 6. I also competed as a figure skater and was notorious for doing cart wheels on the ice. I was bullied all through my school years and ended up going to 3 different High Schools and didn't graduate from High School as a result. This was the era of no Gay Rights in Canada. I struggled with visibility, identity and self-esteem. I am one of the lucky survivors as most of my friends died of AIDS or committed suicide. I graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1993 and it was one of the proudest achievements in my lifetime. It taught me that despite hardships, I could overcome insurmountable challenges. I am committed to making the world more compassionate and doing my part by celebrating LGBTQ contributions to the world. Every year my husband and I host a Fall Gala for 'Out in Schools' called the 'Fall Gala". Part of this vision is to make sure every student in BC has the opportunity to see their self worth through LGBTQ visibility, support and action to make the world safe for everyone. In my professional life, I am a Registered Nurse and a Health Services Administrator in Health Care. I live with my husband and our dog Ted in Penticton BC

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