Month: November 2014

Humanism: He for She Campaign #heforshe

Someone asked me recently if my signature of wearing Stilettos to worthy events was about showmanship or whether there was a deeper purpose. I shared that Stilettos are a metaphor for female power and a symbol of social construction. I watched Emma Watson’s Speech (#Heforshe) at the United Nation sharing her experience of Feminism and the impacts of stereotypes on both, men and women. Men over 28 years old in England are the most likely to commit suicide and the second cause of death for men between 28 and 48 years of age. My vision is that the day men are liberated and deconstructed from the pedagogy of masculinity. Only then will women be equal to men, as it is the social construction of gender that oppresses both women and men. I will wear heals and a moustache until no one cares.

The Poet and the Farmer

Carl and Les represent two different generations of gay men; the poet and the farmer. Carl was raised in the town of Port Coquitlam where he was a non-conventional boy winning awards for choreography as he performed many school dance numbers before grade 7. He was bullied all through his schools years. Les grew up in Trochu, Alberta and never knew what the word gay until he moved to Calgary in his late teens. This was the era of no Gay Rights in Canada. Both men struggled with visibility, identity and self-esteem growing up. Carl and Les are committed to making the world more compassionate and committed to doing their part by celebrating GLBT contributions to the world. The annual Fall Gala is part of this vision to make sure every student in BC has the opportunity to see their self worth through GLBT visibility, support and action to make the world safe for everyone through supporting Out in Schools. This is our commitment. Come help us change the world.

Poem: Saturn

Essential Distance and closeness in Love: the paradox. In my life and relationship with my husband of 25 years I have always been in a paradox of needing love and closeness and space and distance simultaneously. This poem is about the essential distance and the importance on individuality. Saturn With a naked eye, the rings can go unnoticed, Despite such brilliance Solitude, solid and perfectly you At times cold and fiercely independent Do you ever want to see me with all my imperfections? If so, give me a sign You never truly touch the wonder A peripheral longing that evades contact Loyalty displayed for an eternity Your presence is always there The rings create utmost magnificence Heartsick that the distance remains Over time, you learned to stand in love Oh Saturn, how can such distance create a lifelong peace? Close up, the rings are nothing but small meaningless pieces Standing back they are so beautiful and mesmerizing Please share your wisdom I will constantly orbit around you for eternity Knowing you see me Knowing we …

Poem: Petal

This is a Poem about friendship and letting go. Sometimes we have Friendships that last a lifetime and some are there for just a moment or two. Its about learning to live and enjoy the moments. Here is a poem that speaks to wanting to feel like we belong, yet knowing fate has its own course to take. Petal The glistening sun on your vibrant cluster of beauty made your petals seem like forever The fragrance, the colour, the magnificence The wind seemed unrelenting in its force When the storm had passed, I saw half of what was, remaining Scrambling to pick up the petals, I knew it was only time As I held you in my hands, I knew I had no moisture to save you The salt from my body would burn your tender skin No antidotes left Your edges started to turn inward, and I knew then, you needed to go I closed my eyes and remembered what was so beautiful and complete And I needed to let you go where there …

Lessons in Leadership I have been in formal and non-formal leadership roles for most of my life. I have had amazing role models and mentors guiding me through life. I have also become both a role model and mentor to many over my career and personal life. The term “Leadership” is often described as a role, and yet I see it more as a verb. I see examples of leadership in every context, from community activism, to activities within formal roles and I have come to learn that leadership is a set of activities or behaviors that demonstrate courage and integrity. In other words the alignment of what we say, measured against what we do (our behaviours). Leaders “do things”. It is about being the person you need to be, unapologetically; the world will test true leaders by constantly telling you what you’re not, in order to have you conform to the status quo. Over the years, I have had many up and coming young leaders ask me what makes someone a successful leader. I am not …

Poem: Mr Confidence

This is a poem about the Journey of Confidence. Most of us can relate to second guessing yourself, even if your life is full of validation and what others see as success. Its about our own journeys of transformation and learning that beauty is an internal light. Mr. Confidence I met Mr. Confidence the other day, I looked at his reflection and walked away I left behind the handsome face Hoping the image would stay that way As I walked through the door, he disappeared Leaving me breathless, filled with fear What if they see the man that I am? Vulnerable, wise, a fool Who was I, that Mr. Confidence showed his face? I’m just an average guy, with average ways Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; Only if the beholder holds their own beauty What will I need to have my cup filled up; a stare, an advance, an unwavering glance? Will he show up, when I need him the most Or will he disappear when I’m on my own How will …

Poem: A Moment with You

A Poem about Friendship: A Friend is a moment and a friendship is many moments ~ Carl Meadows A Moment with You A friend is a moment in time, the one directly staring at you Lost in being needed; the ache of wondering You pulled me to the edge with our fingers locked; the chasm was steep Fear of falling left me weightless, but you were there The truth was somewhere, beyond the vast landscape of my thoughts Searching for signs of permanence would be futile Courage pulled me forward; I wanted to trust I wouldn’t fall Pounding heart, swirling mind, I began to drift Was cavernous space and distance my life lesson to master? Fear of closeness my nemesis The memory of belonging to something, disappeared a lifetime ago Comfort came in images shaped by prairie clouds, mesmerized with ephemeral visions of realness Standing on the edge, a truth emerged There was never a “you”; we only ever had a moment and it touched me Carl Meadows November 6, 2014